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Spouse Visa Extension Manchester

 If you are living with your spouse or partner and are a UK visa holder, an application for a spouse visa extension is required to remain in the UK once your initial visa period is over. The end date will be on your BRP card.

We at Imaan Immigration Solicitors are experts in Spouse Visa Extensions and can assist you with your application from start to finish.

The requirements for a spouse visa extension

When making an application for a spouse visa extension, both you and your spouse or partner must be aged 18 years or over, be present in the UK and intending to live together permanently.

The relationship must be genuine and subsisting.

Imaan Solicitors are specialist Immigration Solicitors Manchester who can do the application for you from start to finish please call 0161710 2602 to arrange a free consultation.

The English language requirement

Knowledge of English Language can be proven if you have a degree or academic qualification that was taught or researched in English, and your qualification is recognised as being equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree or higher.

English knowledge can also be approved by taking an English language test in speaking and listening.

Once you instruct Imaan Solicitors for your spouse visa renewal we can advise where the nearest approved centre would be for you.

If you are aged 65 or over, or you have a physical or mental condition that prevents you from meeting this requirement, you will be exempt from the English language requirement

You will also be exempt as a national of a majority English-speaking country, for example, New Zealand or the USA.

The financial requirement

You and your spouse or partner will need to have a combined annual income of at least £18,600 to satisfy the financial requirement when applying for a spouse visa extension,

This minimum income threshold can be met either through your spouse or partner’s salaried or self-employed income, or your own income where you have permission to work in the UK.

Incomes can be combined from different sources, including pension income. Cash savings above £16,000 in lieu of income can also be used.

If your spouse or civil partner is in receipt of a specified benefit or allowance, for example Disability Living Allowance, you will be exempt from meeting the financial requirement in the form of a minimum income threshold.

However, with this exemption, you will need to show you have enough money to adequately support and accommodate yourselves.

If you do not meet the requirement the visa can still be renewed if you would like instruct Imaan Immigration Solicitors for your spouse Visa renewal call 0161 710 2602 .

How do I apply for a UK spouse visa extension?

Application’s from within the UK for a spouse visa extension will need the online form FLR (M) to be completed. This can be done at any time prior to the expiry of your existing UK spouse visa.

As part of the application process you will be required to provide details of your spouse or partner, including the nature of your relationship with them.

You will also be required to provide documentary evidence of your ability to meet the financial and English language requirements.

In circumstances where, for example, you have been unable to provide all the evidence that the Home Office needs, you may be invited for an interview.

The FLR (M) form cannot be completed if you are looking to extend your stay in the UK indefinitely. Applying to settle in the UK requires a different form with different a set of requirements.

Once you have lived in the UK continuously on a lawful basis for a period of 5 years, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Imaan Immigration Solicitors are experts in Spouse Visa Renewals. If you would like us to handle your renewal please call 0161 710 2602 for a free consultation in our Immigration Solicitors Manchester Offices.

What documents are required for a spouse visa extension application?

Various documents are required in support of your application for a spouse visa extension, including your existing and previous passports or travel documents, as well as any Biometric Residence Permit.

This is not an full list , Every application is different so you may need more documents and evidence or legal representations . Once you instruct Imaan Solicitors for your spouse visa renewal application we can do a detailed assessments and provide you with a personalised list and complete the full process for you.

You will also need to provide documentary evidence of the following:

  • your spouse or partner’s immigration status, such as proof of indefinite leave to remain or British Passport.
  • your relationship with your spouse or partner, such as your marriage certificate.
  • your income, such as pay slips or bank statements.
  • your knowledge of English, such as the English Test certificate or degree certificate.

Additional documentation may also be required depending on your circumstances as all immigration applications are different.

You may want to seek professional help from Imaan immigration Solicitors in collating what is required well in advance as the documentation required can often be extensive, for example, when seeking to prove cohabitation over a period of two years.

Please note you must provide your original passport, travel ID and any Biometric Residence Permit however you can send photocopies of documents like bank statements or qualifications, 

What is the cost of a spouse visa extension?

The fee for applying for a spouse visa extension 1033 ( March 2019 ). There is also an additional handling fee for enrolling your biometric information. However, you may be eligible for a fee waiver if you are on a low income.

For the Super Priority Service an additional fee of £610 (at February 2019) will be required. This service will get you a decision within one working day.

Your application can often take several weeks, if not months, to process unless you use the priority service.

Immigration Health Surcharge may also be required to be paid. This is a compulsory fee that provides you with access to the National Health Service for the duration of your UK spouse visa extension.

What if spouse visa extension requirements cannot be met?

You may still be able to apply to extend your permission to stay in the UK in the following circumstances if you do not meet the requirements for a spouse visa extension:

  • there would be significant difficulties for you and your partner if you lived together as a couple outside the UK that could not be overcome.
  • you have a child in the UK who is a British citizen or has lived in the UK for 7 years and it would be unreasonable for them to leave the UK.
  • it would breach your human rights to make you leave the UK.

If you would like Imaan Immigration Solicitors to handle you Spouse Visa Renewal application please call us on 0161 710 2602.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a spouse visa Extension?

It is the renewal of the initial visa that was initial granted when the spouse visa was granted, The initial visa is usually granted for 33 months. It has to be renewed or you could be liable to leave the UK.

Can I apply with my children?

If the below are eligible then you can add children to your application as dependents:

  • they are under 18 when you apply, or were under 18 when they were first granted leave
  • they do not live an independent life (a child living their own life).

How long does the process take?

If you apply from within the UK a decision will usually be made within 8 weeks of your application date based on the standard service.

If you apply from outside the UK a decision will usually be made within 12 weeks.

However, if you use the super priority service at an extra cost a decision will usually be made:

  • by the end of the next working day after providing your biometric information if your appointment is on a weekday
  • 2 working days after providing your biometric information if your appointment is at the weekend

Working days are Monday to Friday, not including bank holidays.

Please note: It might take longer if your application is complex, for example you:

  • do not meet the minimum income requirement
  • cannot prove your knowledge of English
  • need to attend an interview
  • have not provided all the evidence that the Home Office needs.

Are there other ways you can stay?

You were the victim of domestic abuse or your partner died

You might be able to apply to settle in the UK if you had permission to stay in the UK as a partner when either:

  • you were the victim of domestic abuse
  • your partner died

Your family member has refugee status or humanitarian protection

You might be able to apply for 'family reunion' to join a partner or parent who has either:

  • refugee status in the UK
  • humanitarian protection in the UK

If you feel that you have other reasons to stay please call Imaan Immigration Solicitors we are expert Immigration Solicitors Manchester and can help in any immigration matters.

Your family member is from the EU, EEA or Switzerland

If you're outside the UK, you can apply for a family permit if your family member is from the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

Your family member will probably need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021, or 31 December 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

There will be no change to the rights and status of EU nationals living in the UK, or UK nationals living in the EU, while the UK remains in the EU.

What other types of Visa Renewal is there ?

Imaan Immigration Solicitors can help on all types of Visa Renewal Applications.

Application to extend your stay in the UK on the basis of your family life and relationship to either:

  • a British citizen;
  • a person who is both present and settled in the UK, i.e. holding indefinite leave to remain or
  • a person with refugee status or who has been granted humanitarian protection in the UK.

The below relationships are deemed eligible for the application:

  • Spouse
  • Civil partner
  • Unmarried partner
  • Same-sex partner
  • Parent
  • Child

If you are applying as a spouse or civil partner, the marriage or civil partnership must be recognised in the UK and you must be able to prove the relationship.

For unmarried partners, you will need to have been living in a relationship similar to a marriage or civil partnership for at least two years prior to the date of application for your spouse visa extension.

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