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If your immigration application has been refused and you have been granted the right to appeal, there are very strict time limits for filing the appeal as well as extra conditions about where you can appeal from whether that is from within the UK or from outside of the UK. Appeals are usually heard in either the First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum) or the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber). They can be long and complex and we understand the worry and concern they can bring you.

Imaan Solicitors can prepare a strong and concise appeal case for you. Further once an oral hearing has been listed at the tribunal we can attend on your behalf to represent you.

In certain situations a right to appeal may not have been granted or may have been granted and could have been unsuccessful or other problems may have occurred through your immigration application and decision. In some cases there is an option available to apply for Judicial Review against the decision.

The process of Judicial Review can be used by people in situations where you may want to challenge the refusal by the Home Office. Judicial Review is a very specialist application process and is not always suitable for all types of cases. If you have been refused your immigration application and further been denied a right to appeal this decision or you are confused about whether Judicial Review can be applied to you, contact us today and we can look into your case and advise you whether this could be an option for you to use.