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If you have found yourself in the unfortunate situation of being held in immigration detention at any detention centre around the UK we can help you. We do not need to see you in person and all of our process can be conducted via email and telephone which you should have access to from within the place of your detention.

Imaan Solicitors can assess your situation and analyse why the Immigration Enforcement agency would feel you have breached immigration rules and held you in detention. Next we would advise you which would probably be the best course of action and the most appropriate application for you to apply for a correct visa to legalise your stay in the UK. Following this we could take the necessary steps to start this correct application on your behalf and in the meantime apply for bail for you to be released outside of immigration detention.

This application can either be made to the Chief Immigration Officer at your current place of detention and / or made directly to the Secretary of State and / or the Immigration Tribunals.

Where an application is made to the First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum) a hearing will be listed and you can be part of this hearing via video link which will be set up at the current place of your detention.

We will prepare the application on your behalf and also arrange attendance at the hearing by one of our lawyers to represent you in requesting bail.

In order to be successful in your application for bail it will be essential to prove some of the following requirements:

  1. You will not be at risk of breaching any bail conditions set against you
  2. You have not previously breached any conditions set by the Home Office
  3. You have at least one person, preferably who is not related to you, who can act as a surety for you and give the court assurance that you will not abscond whilst out on bail
  4. You have a pending immigration application or appeal awaiting a decision
  5. Your individual and personal circumstances would require you to be released on bail


If successful in your application you will be granted bail. Otherwise, your detention will continue until either a decision is made in your pending application or removal directions are set for you to be removed from the UK.