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UK spouse visa – who is it for?

If you are married to a British citizen or a person with a permanent right of residence, and you wish to make the UK your home, you may consider applying for entry clearance or for leave to remain as the partner of a person settled in the UK.

This is sometimes known as a Spouse Visa, Family Visa, UK Partner Visa or UK Spouse Visa. This can sometimes be confusing however they are all the same thing! To add to the confusion, it can also be used for unmarried couples.

Do you have to be Married to apply for a UK Spouse Visa?

If you have been with your partner for at least two years but are unmarried and intend to live together this route can also be used for entry clearance or for leave to remain as a partner of a settled person in the UK.

Can you apply for a UK Spouse Visa if you are a same sex couple?

A UK Spouse Visa / Spouse Visa does not discriminate against same sex couples / marriages. If you are a same sex couple who have been together for at least 2 years you can apply for a Spouse Visa or UK partner Visa. Imaan Solicitors specialise in all UK spouse Visa applications with a very high success rate.

What are the benefits of a UK Spouse Visa?

UK partner visa / spouse visa will give you the right to live in the UK, travel to and from the UK, take up employment and set up your own business.

This visa is initially issued for 33 months and has to be extended for another 2.5 years before it expires. After five years of residence in the UK you will be entitled to indefinite leave to remain and then you could apply for British Citizenship.

The spouse of a British citizen is entitled to apply for British citizenship immediately after they acquire a settled status (that is indefinite leave to remain or permanent right of residence) and do not have to spend 12 months in the UK becoming permanently resident in the UK. This means that in practice, the spouse of a British citizen can naturalise after having lived in the UK for five years. These five years are required to get a settled status.

Imaan Solicitors specialise in all types of Visa Applications from Spouse Visas to Indefinite Leave to Remain applications. Call us on 0161 710 2602 to discuss your needs.

Things to think about before applying for a spouse visa UK Partner Visa

Do you meet the financial requirements?

This is one of the most controversial requirements and at Imaan Solicitors we are always asked if this is an essential requirement for a UK Spouse Visa Application.

The financial requirements will have to be met by your partner, or your “UK sponsor”. Your income can only be taken into consideration if you are already resident in the UK.

If you are applying from abroad, your partner has to satisfy a minimum income threshold of £18,600 per year (correct Sep 2018 ) In most cases, this income comes from salaried employment or from self-employed activity, but it can also be from some other sources, for example, dividends, rental of property, interest on investments. The rules may become quite complex especially when relying on self-employed income, director’s remuneration or combined income from different sources.

Savings may be another way of meeting financial requirement. If you are relying on savings alone, you have to have £62,500 or its equivalent in a different currency.

We can discuss this with you in more detail when you instruct Imaan Solicitors to make your UK Partner Visa application.

Knowledge of English Test

Initially, applicants for a spouse visa have to show knowledge of English to A1 level. If you come from a majority English speaking country or have studied at a UK university you may not have to take a test. But do not forget to check which countries are classed as “English speaking” from the Home Office perspective.

We can discuss this with you in more detail when you instruct Imaan Solicitors do make your UK Spouse Visa application.

Proof of Accommodation –

In all applications the Home Office would need to be satisfied that you have an adequate place to live once your application has been granted. The property must not be overcrowded and should be able to accommodate you, your partner and any other family members living with you adequately.

We can discuss this with you in more detail when you instruct Imaan Solicitors do make your UK Spouse Visa application.

If you have children or live with parents, the property should not be overcrowded by the UK standards

How long it takes the Home Office to process the application for a spouse visa?

If you are applying for entry clearance from abroad, the standard processing time of spouse visa applications is approximately 12 weeks. There is an option of making a priority application at an extra cost, and the target processing time will be 2-4 weeks. The Home Office, however, does not guarantee this timescale.

If you are applying in-country, you have a choice of applying by a postal service, with an expected processing time of 8 weeks. However, these times are estimates and sometimes they go over and sometimes they can be quicker.

Cost of a UK Spouse Visa Application.

The Home Office fee for entry clearance application is equivalent to £1523 in local currency. In addition, there is an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) in the amount of £500.

For in-country applications, the application fee for leave to remain is £1033.

Legal fees are separate from the above Home Office Fees. There is no refund on the fees if your application is refused so it is essential to choose the right representation to assist you with your application.

Call us on 0161 710 2602 for our competitive fees and to make an appointment

What are the most common grounds for refusal of the spouse visa applications?

The majority of refusals are not related to failure to Home Office requirements, such as minimum income, accommodation, or knowledge of English, these are well displayed within the Home Office websites so people are prepared for them.  One of the most common ground for refusal is failure to provide the right documents, described in the immigration rules as “specified evidence”. This is why we always recommend using a professional to assist with the process. We at Imaan Solicitors have a 100% client satisfaction rate and can assist with your Spouse Visa Application from start to finish.

Every UK Spouse Visa Application is different so we will analyze your unique situation and make the application accordingly.  We do not use a one size fits all approach and your UK Spouse Application will be presented to the Home Office in the most optimum way to ensure the best outcome for success.

We will go through this in more detail once you instruct Imaan Solicitors to assist you with your UK Partner Visa Application.

Sometimes your application is refused as the Home Office may have missed some important information on your application. This is no fault of the applicant but this does happen. Again, this is why we recommend using a professional to assist with your UK Spouse Visa Application.

What if your application has been refused?

This can be a frustrating and heartbreaking situation to find yourself in. You will not get a refund of the Home Office Fees; however, you will get a refund of the NHS Surcharge Fees. You can appeal the decision however this can sometimes take more then 12 months to be decided.

If the application is made from abroad, you will not be allowed to enter the UK until the appeal process is completed and successful.

If the appeal is not successful then you will have to make an application again.

We at Imaan Solicitors always recommend getting the application successful on the first UK Spouse Visa Application.

This saves time & money and means that you and your partner can continue with your lives without being apart.

Imaan Solicitors can help you with your application. For the most competitive fees – call 0161 710 2602 or email : for a call back.

Why is Imaan Solicitors success rate so high when it comes to UK Spouse Visas.

We are a specialist Law Firm dealing in immigration matters only. We make sure every client and case is dealt with by a trained professional. You would be surprised to hear that other firms and advisors have unqualified persons work on your case while they will be supervised by a practice manager. This does not happen at Imaan Solicitors.

We are very careful making sure that you meet the requirements for a UK spouse Visa and have the right evidence to demonstrate it. We ensure that your application is presented in the most optimum way so that the Home Office can see that you a genuine applicant who wants to live with their partner in the UK.

We use our experience to demonstrate the strength of your application and pre-answer the common questions that the Home Office usually raise to avoid any delays and confusion in your application.

If you would like to discuss your application and instruct Imaan Solicitors to assist you with your UK Spouse Visa Application give us a call on 0161 710 2602.

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by Ashraf Lukman on Imaan Solicitors

I needed some immigration advice following my marriage abroad and to bring my wife to live with me in the UK. I called a few places online for advice and knew that I for filled the Home Office criteria so thought I would give it a go and make the application myself. I believe that Iam an intelligent individual & thought it should be easy & straight forward enough - However I realised to my determent that it was not the case The Home Office took over 5 Months and then rejected the application - I had spoken to Imaan Solicitors previously in my search for information & decided to use there services - Wish I had used them from the beginning would have been cheaper and quicker- The application they submitted with attention to detail was more detailed then my degree dissertation. My wifes visa was granted within the 3 months. Cannot recommended their services enough - You get what you pay for - here you are paying for peace of mind and the services of professional qualified professionals -

by Sumaria Zia on Imaan Solicitors

Very Happy with the service - Husbands Visa approved from Pakistan took less 3 months - Thank you for simplifying the whole process ! I cant recommend highly enough

by Simple Chuatbana on Imaan Solicitors

Very Professional from start to finish - Got my Visa extension without the panic and the last minute document submission that the last firm put me through - Have Recommended to friends & Family ! ???

by Jenny Malik on Imaan Solicitors

I dont normally leave detailed reviews however after experiencing the wonderful professional service that Imaan Solicitors provided for my sisters husbands visa application i felt that i owned it to them to write a review. We dont know many people in Manchester so didn't have any recommendations on who to use.We tired 5 different practices and these guys in particular Saadia really stood out. She was professional articulate down to earth and very knowledgeable. The assistance and advice provided was way beyond Imaan Solicitors duty but was provided nerveless. The fees were not more then the other practices we enquired with and shockley half the price of one of the other advisers ! My brother in Laws Visa was issued without any appeals or delays .If you are in need of any immigration advice / help try these guys first and judge the other practices by their standards , you will struggle to find better more professional knowledgeable or nicer people.

by Ashley Martin on Imaan Solicitors

Soooo happy I went here , I was stressed out and getting very anxious with my family visa situation. My friend recommended Imaan Solicitors and claimed that they were the best immigration solicitors in Manchester. Sooo happy i went there very friendly very knowledgeable not the cheapest but not the most expensive and they got the job done without any drama . Would have paid double the price for the way that they handled my application and the result !! If you have any immigration applications or worries i would recommded Imaan Solicitors Highly - I agree with with my friends claim that they are the best immigration solicitors in Manchester.